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Kyoto Buddhist Rosary/Bracelet Heart Sutra Bracelet,​ Tiger's Eye

JP¥ 8,200   (US$ 65.42)
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The round sandalwood beads are engraved with full sentences from the Heart Sutra. Sandalwood is said to have a body & mind soothing power that is very strong and possesses a calming force. It is well-known as a material used in incense and expensive wooden Buddhist images.
The tiger's eye between the wood beads is said to have power that increases luck at work and protects independent people. The material has been carefully selected by a Kyoto artisan, and this item is entirely humbly made by hand.
"Kyoto Buddhist Rosary" is a regional brand that boasts proud skills passed down since the Heian Period.
A characteristic of Kobori's Buddhist rosaries is that they are smoothly polished, not only the surface of the beads but also the edges of the holes and the insides, making the elastic and string long-lasting.
Also, however small the beads are, the holes are placed centrally, giving the rosary a beautiful line.
Please enjoy wearing this craftsmanship passed down through generations at any time.
●Color: Sandalwood: Brown,​ Tiger's Eye: Gold-Brown
●Size: Inner Circumference approx. 170mm,​ Inner Diameter: approx. 55mm,​ Bead Diameter: approx. 7mm
●Weight (item only) : approx. 10g
●Materials: Sandalwood,​ Tiger's Eye (natural stone)
●Made in Japan (Sandalwood: From India,​ Tiger's Eye: From South America)
●Brand Name: Kyonenju
●Handling Instructions:
Be careful not to get wet:
Moisture inside the beads does not dry easily and can cause the cord and beads to deteriorate.
Also,​ wood items may lose the original color of the wood.
Please avoid wearing in the bath,​ when doing the washing up,​ etc.
If it becomes dirty or wet,​ gently wipe with a soft cloth.
●As this is a natural material,​ color may be slightly different than that displayed.
Please kindly understand this beforehand.
●Wooden beads become smoother and glossier over time.
The color may change. Please enjoy the unique nuance created by this.
Item No.  220579

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