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Half-moon tray (small)

JP¥ 8,400 - JP¥ 14,900   (US$ 76.41 - US$ 135.54)
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A red lacquer that goes well with the color of Magewappa cedar, comes together with the natural grain of the Akita cedar for a cool and clean impression.
[A Selected Item from the Craft Center of Japan]
[small] (approx.) side width 272 x depth 248 x height 23mm
[midium] (approx.) side width 331 x depth 298 x height 23mm
[large] (approx.) side width 362 x depth 325 x height 21mm
•Color : Cinnabar,​ Olive,​ Black
•Care and Usage:
1. Please refrain from washing with hot water - please use warm water,​ and dry immediately with a soft cloth.
2. This product may be scratched if polished with a scrub brush,​ cleanser,​ etc.
3. Please avoid exposing this product to direct sunlight,​ as it may experience warping or color change.
●If the item is out of stock,​ it will take 2 months before shipping can occur. We would appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Item No.  W00028R1

Half-moon tray (small)
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