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Magewappa Lunch Box (Rounded Two-Tier)

JP¥ 13,900   (US$ 123.99)
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Cute and round lunch box. With a container for snacks halfway through, and the main unit features a wood finish.
•Size: (approx.) diameter 133 x height 92mmCare and Usage
•When using for the first time,​ to get rid of dust please wash with warm water and wipe dry with a cloth.
•When using for around the third time,​ as the wood will have dried it will become easy for the rice to stick. Before inserting the rice,​ dampen the interior with water then wipe with a cloth.
•After use,​ please wash with a scrubbing pad and warm water. Then wipe away any excess water with a cloth,​ and then microwave for 60 seconds.
•Please do not turn the container upside-down. Please dry it right-side up together with the lid.
•If not properly dried,​ black spots may appear in the wood. Therefore,​ please dry the container in the upright position in a thoroughly-ventilated area.
•While this item is new,​ a yellow color may sometimes appear in the rice,​ but this is not discoloration from the wood. As you use this item more the coloration will disappear.
•Please refrain from washing with hot water - please use warm water,​ and dry immediately with a soft cloth.
•This product may be scratched if polished with a scrub brush,​ cleanser,​ etc.
•Please avoid exposing this product to direct sunlight,​ as it may experience warping or color change.

•Should there be no stock,​ it may take up to a few months for shipment. Please contact customer support regarding the shipment date.
Item No.  W00042R1

Magewappa Lunch Box (Rounded Two-Tier)
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