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Ohitsu (Rice Server) Shallow Type w/Legs

JP¥ 42,000 - JP¥ 50,000   (US$ 399.43 - US$ 475.51)
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This type with legs is the most popular Kurikyu ohitsu.
The natural cedar wood features no coating, which provides the natural ventilation properties of wood, and the absorption of excess water. The power of nature is the secret that makes your meal more delicious. The bottom and the links are made in a curve shape to allow your rice scoop to get into the corners, and for ease of washing.

Features three small windows at the bottom so that heat can properly escape and not idle at the bottom.
[Chosen For the Good Design Award]
[A Selected Item from the Craft Center of Japan]
[3 Set/Shallow Type w/Legs]
(Measurement w/o Lid) (approx.) diameter 230 x height 93mm
[5 Set/Shallow Type w/Legs]
(Measurement w/o Lid) (approx.) diameter 230 x height 120mm
Care and Usage
•When using for the first time,​ to get rid of dust please wash with warm water and wipe dry with a cloth.
•When using for around the third time,​ as the wood will have dried it will become easy for the rice to stick. Before inserting the rice,​ dampen the interior with water then wipe with a cloth.
•After use,​ please wash with a scrubbing pad and warm water. Then wipe away any excess water with a cloth,​ and then microwave for 60 seconds.
•Please do not turn the container upside-down. Please dry it right-side up together with the lid.
•If not properly dried,​ black spots may appear in the wood. Therefore,​ please dry the container in the upright position in a thoroughly-ventilated area.
•While this item is new,​ a yellow color may sometimes appear in the rice,​ but this is not discoloration from the wood. As you use this item more the coloration will disappear.

•If the item is out of stock,​ it will take 2 months before shipping can occur. We would appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Item No.  W00073R1

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