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Nodate parasol (Normal form)

JP¥ 120,000 - JP¥ 215,000   (US$ 1,095.09 - US$ 1,962.04)
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Formal Nodate parasols (big parasols for Japanese outdoor tea ceremony) used by the head families of tea ceremony is the proud of Hiyoshiya.
The Nodate umbrella , as the top-class of Kyoto craft, was developed under the background of "Wabi/Sabi" (the beauty to be found in poverty, simplicity and quiet) as a request from grand tea courses.
The orthodox style of Hiyoshiya Nodate parasols are also used in the welcoming ceremony for VIP guests from various countries like Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana.
2.5 Shaku : (approx.) Diameter : 160cm,​ Height: 195cm,​ No. of bones: (approx.) 50
3 Shaku : (approx.) Diameter : 183cm,​ Height: 214cm,​ No. of bones: (approx.) 60
3.5 Shaku : (approx.) Diameter : 218cm,​ Height: 246cm,​ No. of bones: (approx.) 70
5 Shaku : (approx.) Diameter : 290cm,​ Height: 266cm,​ No. of bones: 50
•Color:[2.5,​ 3 Shaku : Only Red] ,​ [3.5 Shaku,​ 5 Shaku : Red,​ Green/White,​ Red/White]
•Weight: [2.5 Shaku : (approx.) 1.8kg] ,​ [3,​ 3.5 Shaku : (approx.) 3.8kg] [5 Shaku : (approx.) 4.8kg]

•As we limit customers to a maximum charge of JPY 200,​000 per one order,​ if you would like to purchase this item please contact us by email.
D : 3.5 Shaku Green/White JPY 215300-
E : 3.5 Shaku Red/White JPY 215300-
F : 5 Shaku Red JPY 277000-
G : 5 Shaku Green/White JPY 307000-
H : 5 Shaku Red/White JPY 307000-
Strong water repellant finish. Service of name & family crest imprinting is available. (Extra fee)
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Nodate parasol (Normal form)
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