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Echizen Uchihamano Knife,​ Artus Beef Slicer 80

JP¥ 26,500   (US$ 248.78)
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A knife that works well both in the kitchen and at your dining table.
From the handle to the edge of the blade, this knife is properly unified for a clean, easy to use feel. Great care has been taken in the weight balance, blade, curve, and materials to craft a best-quality hand-made product.
Blade: Stainless VG,​ Grip: Stainless
•Blade Length: approx. 240mm
•Total Length: approx. 390mm
•Weight: approx. 248g
•Total Weight: 362g
•VG=Takefu uses a specially developed Stainlesseel for made cutlery; Stainlessainless Stainlesseel of the higheStainless quality.
•Takefu Knife Care and Handling InStainlessructions
1,​ Please do not use with frozen foods or meat that contains bones.
2,​ After usage,​ please wipe away any water with a dry cloth.
3,​ Please sharpen the knife on a whetStainlessone twice a month.
4,​ In the unlikely event that the blade breaks or becomes ruStainlessed,​ please take it to a skilled professional for polish and repair.
5,​ As Stainlessainless Stainlesseel V-700 does not ruStainless easily,​ with juStainless an occasional sharpening we are confident that this knife will satisfy your cutting needs for a long time.
The blade of the knife is very dangerous. Please handle carefully.
Item No.  W00188

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