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Flower Vase Cool Scent

JP¥ 6,000 - JP¥ 6,600   (US$ 47.87 - US$ 52.66)
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An item from Suruga 1000 Threads Bamboo Work in which the beauty of the splints stands out.
Great for a wedding or housewarming gift.
•Creator: Traditional Industrial Artisan Eiichi Kuroda
•Materials: bamboo (clear lacquer finish) [Flower Container]: pottery
•Size: [Main]: diameter 175mm x height 175mm,​ [Flower Container]: diameter 6cm x 15cm
•Instruction Booklet: [Suruga Bamboo Ware] bookmark,​ leaflet (Upon request,​ an English version of the bookmark and leaflet is available.)
•White box included
•Within J-crafts,​ there are a number of items (particulary the traditional industrial arts items) that have been made one by one by hand within Japan. Please understand that the color,​ shape,​ pattern,​ and overall finish may vary from the picture shown.
Item No.  W00270

Flower Vase Cool Scent
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