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Japanese Insect Cage [Large]

JP¥ 74,600   (US$ 595.18)
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High quality insect cage that could only be owned by feudal lords and wealthy merchants during the Edo Period.
The bird and insect cage that features a rounded, curved roof has been called since ancient times a Japanese style.
The large sized container uses an oil-based lacquer. The "cat legs" which are used by the arts of Suruga have enjoyed popularity for a long time.
This can of course be used to keep a cricket, but aside from that you can also use it for your tea dishes or candy to give to guests, or decorate with flowers and hang it in your alcove. There are various uses for this nice item.
•Creator: Miyabi Andon
•Materials,​ Color,​ Lacquer:
(Insect Cage): man-made smoky bamboo,​ (Container): wood,​ cashew lacquer finish,​ (Chamber): pure silk,​ (Lacquer): cashew lacquer
(Color): Medium-gloss Fading Rouge,​ (Inner Portion): Black
•Size: width 154mm x side 220mm x height 238mm
•Instruction Booklet: [Suruga Bamboo Ware] bookmark,​ leaflet
•Box is included
•Within J-crafts,​ there are a number of items (particulary the traditional industrial arts items) that have been made one by one by hand within Japan. Please understand that the color,​ shape,​ pattern,​ and overall finish may vary from the picture shown.
Item No.  W00287R1

Japanese Insect Cage [Large]
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