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Four Seasons of Kyoto (5 Candles w/Paulownia Box)

JP¥ 3,520   (US$ 32.12)
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A 5-stick set of cute illustrated Warosoku. A rare item where a Kiyomizu-Ware painter has delicately hand-painted the printed silk onto the red and white of the Warosoku. This is very popular as a Japanese souvenir. In addition to this great value, it also comes with an exclusive paulownia box.
●Composition: Coconut oil & rice bran oil
●Size: 2
●Length: 7.5cm
●Weight: 7.5g
●Burning time: approx. 50 mins.
IInstructions for Use
●When the candle is lit,​ please place somewhere where it will be clearly visible.
●Please do not place near objects that can burn or catch fire easily.
●Please don't use in an area with strong winds.
●As the wick of Warosoku is thick,​ this produces a large flame. Please take special care of this fact.
●As there is possibility of burning,​ please do not touch the candle while it is burning or immediately after it has been extinguished.
●If the wick remains after burning,​ please use tongs to pull it out,​ leaving 1-2cm.
●Please use after you have removed the wrapping paper.
●Please do not place or store in areas exposed to direct sunlight,​ high heat,​ or high humidity. The shape and/or color may be subject to change.
Item No.  W00502R2

Four Seasons of Kyoto (5 Candles w/Paulownia Box)
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