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Ukiyoe Actor (100 limited copies)

JP¥ 12,000   (US$ 112.65)
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Limited to just 100 copies!!
Will not be printed again. The birth of a work that utilizes the heart of traditional techniques!
The famous sculptor and printer have taken on the task of the "Ukiyoe Actor" theme in Kyoto. The sculptor, master Hiroshi Fujisawa, uses his extremely difficult "Hair Split" and "Bone Line" carving techniques on a soft plywood board for a delicate and beautiful finish.
The painter, Seihachi Takenaka, finding the right balance between the colors and the board, rub-painted with a golden gradation to create this work which showcases the traditional arts.
This work, "Toyokuni no Zu", is "the first and last of its kind", and it's exquisite work and craftsmanship can only be enjoyed by 100 people.
•Content: Ukiyoe wooden Block print
•Subject: Toyonokuni /Kataoka Nizaemon (VII),​ Fujiwara no Tokihira
•Illustrator: Takezasadou [Sculptor] Hiroshi Fujisawa,​ [Rubbing by] Takenaka Seihachi
•Specifications: Edition no. of 100 limited copies,​ Block printing by hand rubbing
•Material: Plywood,​ handmade Japanese paper,​ Echizen mulberry paper
•Size: Sheet approx. 40 x 28cm
•100 limited copies (Terminated when items sold out)
Item No.  W00559R1

Ukiyoe Actor (100 limited copies)
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