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Tea Ware Set w/Gold Foil

JP¥ 28,000 - JP¥ 116,000   (US$ 223.39 - US$ 925.48)
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Trendy tin tea container set decorated with gold leaves and a polka dot pattern. Tin tea containers have high confidentiality properties, which keeps out moisture and keeps your tea fresh for a long time. Also, it is said that the tin in tin containers absorbs foreign substances, which purifies water. Recommended as an ideal tea container that can be used across the generations.
•Size (approx.)
[A: Tea container] : Diameter 6.8cm x Height 10.5cm,​ Volume (approx.) 100g
[B: Cup mat (5 pcs) ] : Diameter 9.9cm
[C: Tea pot] : Diameter 9.0cm x Height 8.0cm,​ Volume 270ml
[D: Set] : Tea container: x 1,​ Cup mat: x 5 pcs,​ Tea pot: x 1
•w/Box of paulownia wood
•The actual object may be slightly different from the picture.
Proper Handling of Tin Goods
•After use,​ wash with detergent,​ and please be sure to dry it completely. If even a drop of water is left,​ it may cause staining,​ so please be sure to thoroughly dry with a cloth or towel.
•For stains such as fingerprints,​ wipe clean with a gentle cloth to return its luster and enjoy its beauty for a long time.
•As this is exceptionally soft metal,​ when polishing please avoid scraping with polish powders,​ steel brushes,​ or other hard items.
•Please do not leave in the freezer for prolonged periods of time.
•As a food container,​ please do not place directly into contact with fire or flames. Also,​ please avoid use with gas or electric burners,​ and dishwashing machines.
•The color may be subject to change if you put any acidic materials inside of it (such as vinegar).

•Even if there is existing stock,​ it may still take some time before the item can be shipped. We would appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Item No.  W00659R2

Tea Ware Set w/Gold Foil
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