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Pair of Cups

JP¥ 11,000   (US$ 87.76)
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The unique properties of tin don't smell, and make for a smooth drinking cup. These high ion effects will make your drink smoother and more delicious. Recommended as a present.
•Size: 4.5cm x 6.3cm
•Volume : 30ml
•w/Box of paulownia wood
•The actual object may be slightly different from the picture.
Proper Handling of Tin Goods
•After use,​ wash with detergent,​ and please be sure to dry it completely. If even a drop of water is left,​ it may cause staining,​ so please be sure to thoroughly dry with a cloth or towel.
•For stains such as fingerprints,​ wipe clean with a gentle cloth to return its luster and enjoy its beauty for a long time.
•As this is exceptionally soft metal,​ when polishing please avoid scraping with polish powders,​ steel brushes,​ or other hard items.
•Please do not leave in the freezer for prolonged periods of time.
•As a food container,​ please do not place directly into contact with fire or flames. Also,​ please avoid use with gas or electric burners,​ and dishwashing machines.
•The color may be subject to change if you put any acidic materials inside of it (such as vinegar).

•Even if there is existing stock,​ it may still take some time before the item can be shipped. We would appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Item No.  W00664R2

Pair of Cups
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