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[MAJIKAO] Cotton Wrapping Cloth

JP¥ 6,900   (US$ 61.55)
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The pure and trendy feel of the traditional pattern for current times.
A wrapping cloth featuring traditional patterns from the booklet of the Okaju Warehouse which showcases many pure and modern patterns for today's world. Plenty of types and prints all dyed by hand for the hand-made elegance. "Wrapping" carries the humble meaning of "caution", and as such this has been made by the finest cloth to give the thing to be wrapped the utmost in care. As a gift of thanks or a souvenir, its sure to please. Please choose from the Vegetable Pattern [A], an omen of good fortune, the Sea Bream [B] for congratulatory occasions, or the Chickens [C] designed by Jakuchu Ito.
•Color: Vegetables,​ Sea Bream,​ Chickens
•Size: (approx.) 91cm x 92cm
•Material: 100% cotton
•Made in Japan
Item No.  W01050R1

[MAJIKAO] Cotton Wrapping Cloth
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