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Weasel Hair,​ Transcribing Brush

JP¥ 2,850   (US$ 22.74)
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Made from carefully-selected weasel hair for great elasticity and a satisfying write. The large axis provides for stability while writing. The grape-colored oil-based lacquer with gold trim makes for a wonderful and relaxed-feel rare item.
•Diameter of the point of the brush 6.5mm
•Length of the point of the brush : 19mm
•Material of the point of the brush: Selected weasel hair
•Caution of Usage Point
After use,​ please remove all the ink gently. Put the tip of the writing brush in its correct shape and store away from direct sunlight.
•This item may take more than 2 weeks before shipping can occur. We appreciate your understanding.
Item No.  W01234R1

Weasel Hair,​ Transcribing Brush
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