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Transcribing Brush

JP¥ 2,350   (US$ 21.44)
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Made from carefully-selected weasel hair and with the axis of a regular brush for the best writing style. The balance between the handle and the tip is what makes this great brush so popular.
•Diameter of the point of the brush 6mm
•Length of the point of the brush : 19mm
•Material of the point of the brush: Weasel hair,​ horse hair,​ deer hair
•Caution of Usage Point
After use,​ please remove all the ink gently. Put the tip of the writing brush in its correct shape and store away from direct sunlight.
•This item may take more than 2 weeks before shipping can occur. We appreciate your understanding.
Item No.  W01235R1

Transcribing Brush
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