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Men's Paulownia Geta/Polished Finish (One-Toothed)

JP¥ 17,095 - JP¥ 18,395   (US$ 136.39 - US$ 146.76)
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Protect against and ease back and knee pain. Even effective for diets?! Said to have mysterious supernatural powers, the "one-toothed geta".
•Strap: white cotton
•Materials: paulownia
•Polished finish
•As each geta is individually hand made,​ there may be slight differences in size.
For customers with bigger or smaller feet,​ the strap may be tightened or loosened to adjust the size.
•The wood pattern and color nuance is different for each geta.
•The heels of customers with larger feet may extend over the ends of the geta,​ but,​ unlike with shoes,​ this is not a problem. It was originally intended that the heel protrude when wearing Japanese footwear; this is said to be chic and cool.
•Initially,​ it may be difficult to balance in this footwear. Please be careful to avoid falling over.
As this product is hand-carved after ordering,​ it may take some time before delivery. For more information,​ please don't hesitate to email us.
Item No.  W01378R1

Men's Paulownia Geta/Polished Finish (One-Toothed)
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