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Outdoor-Use Small Chasen

JP¥ 2,640   (US$ 24.78)
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Made by Sabun, Takayama Traditional Craftsman
A cute, miniature chasen. Why not try getting dressed up and putting it to use?
•Open-air tea ceremony chasen
•Measurement: approx. 8cm
•Because this is a product hand-made using natural bamboo,​ the shape,​ thickness and color nuance may differ slightly.
•Traditional craftwork
•Made in Japan
•Advice On Use
Of the tea ceremony utensils,​ the chasen is the most frequently used and important. Because they scratch and bend easily,​ please handle them with care.
As the bamboo is an unprocessed material,​ it can break and become moldy. After washing the chasen,​ dry it completely and store it in a cool,​ airated place to ensure its long life.
Item No.  W01434R1

Outdoor-Use Small Chasen
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