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Takayama Chasen Shin Kazuho

JP¥ 3,840   (US$ 34.25)
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Made by Sabun, Takayama Traditional Craftsman
The shin kazuho is a favorite of the main Urasenke school tea house. You can use it with usu cha (thin tea) or koi cha (thick tea). The shin kazuho has become popular recently, and is easy to use and durable. Will you do us the honor of trying it?
•For both usu cha and koi cha
•Measurement: approx. 10-12cm
•Because this is a product hand-made using natural bamboo,​ the shape,​ thickness and color nuance may differ slightly.
•Traditional craftwork
•Made in Japan
•Advice On Use
Of the tea ceremony utensils,​ the chasen is the most frequently used and important. Because they scratch and bend easily,​ please handle them with care.
As the bamboo is an unprocessed material,​ it can break and become moldy. After washing the chasen,​ dry it completely and store it in a cool,​ airated place to ensure its long life.
Item No.  W01452R1

Takayama Chasen Shin Kazuho
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