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Botaori Men's Collared Shirt

JP¥ 14,500 - JP¥ 18,550   (US$ 132.47 - US$ 169.47)
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A classic Botari standard that feels fantastic to wear. Try it in all situations, from formal to casual to sporting. Because it stays strong even if you wash it, letting you use it for a long time, if you have one it will be so useful.
•Materials: 100% cotton
•Size: M,​ L
[A] Red,​ [B] Black,​ [C] Pink,​ [D] Aqua,​ [E] Dark Brown,​ [F] Gray,​ [G] Beige
[H] Natural,​ [I] Deep Green,​ [J] Yellow,​ [K] Purple,​ [L] Blue,​ [M] Stripe,​ [N] Water,​ [O] White Check
•M,​ N & O use thin cloth. Colors other than these use cloth of medium thickness.
•Even if there is existing stock,​ it may still take some time before the item can be shipped. (About 1 month) We would appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Item No.  W01542R2

Botaori Men's Collared Shirt
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