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The ARITA [Koransha] "Koimari rangiku"

JP¥ 150,000   (US$ 1,380.33)
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Here we see the true beauty of Arita-yaki porcelain: strong, white, with a clear, almost transparent feel. Dignified and elegant, it is curiously warm to the touch. Not just pleasant to write with, this pen has been made so carefully that it has value as a work of art as well as an item of stationary. The ARITA Arita-yaki fountain pen transcends the notion of a traditional craft and reveals the depth of its history with every letter you write. This is the miracle of an expert's skill given form. See the results of the highest levels of skill and dedication come out in your own handwriting.
•Koimari rangiku•
In China, the orchid and chrysanthemum have always been the most revered of the flowers, and are considered to belong to the "Four Gentlemen" of the plants (orchid, bamboo chrysanthemum, and plum). This pen is colored indigo, red and gold, and made in the old Imari style.
•Set Contents
[Ink Bottle x 1,​ Pen Rest x 1,​ Pen Wrapper x 1,​ Instruction Booklet x 1]
•Nib: 21k gold; Writing Thickness: Medium
•Lid,​ Barrel: Arita-yaki
•Unit Size: diameter 19 x 153mm
•Comes as one package
•Metal Part: 24k gold-plated
•Unit Weight: approx. 35g
•As these items are made after being ordered,​ it will take from 1 to 1.5 months before delivery.
•As these items are hand-made one by one,​ the design,​ color etc. may differ.
•As this is ceramic,​ it will break if dropped. Please handle with care.
Item No.  W02054

The ARITA [Koransha] "Koimari rangiku"
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