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Natto Fermented Bean Dish

JP¥ 6,350 - JP¥ 6,850   (US$ 59.09 - US$ 63.74)
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A special dish for the Japanese breakfast of fermented natto beans! The underside of the lid has a divider and so can be used to hold 2 varieties of condiments. The volume it can hold also makes it perfect for soba or udon noodles. With a hook for your thumb and indentations for all your other fingers, so hands of any size can keep it stable while mixing the natto.
How to Prepare Delicious Natto
1. Place natto in the Natto Fermented Bean Dish, and mix around 50 times to produce plenty of sticky threads.
2. Leave for a while on the table to allow time for the natto bacteria to work.
3. Just before eating, add soy sauce. If you add it at the start, the aroma of the soy sauce will disappear. Other condiments should also be added just before eating.
●Size: [Unit] diameter 12cm x height 10cm,​ [Condiment Lid] diameter 12cm x height 2.5cm
●Weight: Unit + Lid 440g
●Materials: [Unit,​ Lid] ceramic,​ [Dedicated Mixing Stick] polypropylene
Item No.  W02386R1

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