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Manyou Karuta

JP¥ 48,550   (US$ 443.06)
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Recalls and creates a direct connection with the kinder, more relaxed 4th- to 8th-century period, during which the poetry in the Manyou anthology was written. In the 50th year of the Showa era (1975), 100 famous poems were chosen from the 4,516 in the Manyou anthology, and at New Year's ten years later this Manyou Karuta was unveiled. In contrast to the grand, lofty and elegant world of the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, the Manyou features many poems that describe simple everyday life. Warmth and spirit has gone into the creation of this set, which lets you experience a part of the Manyou era of long ago. It can truly be called a work of art.
•Size (approx. mm):
Length 243 x Width 175 x Height 110
•Weight (approx.): 2000g
•Contents: Echizen paper cosmetics box,​ 100 yomifuda reading cards,​ 100 torifuda grabbing cards,​ instruction booklet
•Please note that the instructions are in Japanese.
Item No.  W02498R1

Manyou Karuta
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