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Kyoto Misuya Needle Boxed Set,​ Eastern Japanese Style

JP¥ 3,350   (US$ 29.54)
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The perfect needle set for someone who's been wanting to give Misuya needles, or indeed any new needles, a try. This is a set of basic needles for silk and cotton, pleasant to use and useful for a wide variety of sewing. In a beautiful box, perfect for storing the needles for a long time at the right humidity. Will certainly be appreciated as a present.
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•Set Contents & Examples of Use:
2/3 Needle: a sewing needle for cotton and thick material
5/3 Needle: for blindstitching the seams of cotton and thick materials
Cotton Kimono Collar Needle: for blindstitching thick cotton, tacking, hemming blankets etc.
Silk Patching Needle: a slightly long needle with a thickness between that of a silk needle and that of a cotton needle
Large Chabo Needle: a thick needle for attaching buttons and working with thick fabrics
2/4 Needle: a whipping needle for silk and wool
Silk Needle: for fine stitching in silk, making hidden seams and ornamental tacking etc. Suited for making small items and piecing thin material
Silk Blindstitch Needle: for blindstitching silk and other thin materials
Silk Plain Weave Needle: for sewing wool, thick silk or soft cotton etc.
•Silk Plain Weave Blindstitch Needle: this blindstitch needle for wool and thick silk etc. is perfectly suited to attaching half-collars to under-kimonos.
•Please note that the instructions and method of operation etc. are designed for a Japanese market.
•Made in Japan
Item No.  W02609R1

Kyoto Misuya Needle Boxed Set,​ Eastern Japanese Style
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