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Dream Flowers (Ladies' Tank Top)

JP¥ 6,200   (US$ 58.21)
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Abstract flowers painted in a myriad of colors in cute round shapes and a variety of sizes. Painted in splashes of color, the distribution of which can never be known in advance. A scene from a dream country, in lines, circles and colors. Painted in the nure-egaki yuzen style, in which the design is worked while the material is damp. Its trademark features are its gradients and soft colors. Each garment is hand-painted, so the coloring always varies subtly. This is a unique item that will be yours alone, with not a single duplicate anywhere in the world.
●Materials: 100% cotton
●As these items are hand-painted one by one,​ the design and colors may differ slightly from those in the photos.
●As these items are hand-made one by one,​ it takes between 2 weeks and 1 month before they can be shipped.
●Washed once during the manufacturing process,​ so assume shrinkage of around 1.5cm.
●This item is processed to prevent fading,​ but it is vulnerable to friction so wash inside-out.
●Do not wash with detergents containing fluorescent bleach.
●Do not wash dark items together with pale or white items.
●Do not tumble-dry. Garment may shrink.
●Do not directly iron hand-painted part.
Item No.  W02846R2

Dream Flowers (Ladies' Tank Top)
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