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KYO-TO-TO Teru-Teru Bōzu Brothers

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Teru-teru bōzu dolls are hung by windows by Japanese children when they want good weather the next day. Here are five teru-teru bōzu brothers who live in Gozan in Kyoto, Japan's traditional heart. Their faces are made out of Japanese hiragana letters, and they all share the same trademark eyebrows.
Henohenomoheji: The oldest brother, orthodox, serious and stubborn
Hehehehemoheji: The second son, a good boy who is kind and helpful.
Heiheimoheji: The third son, sympathetic and excitable
Heroheromoheji: The easy-going, hard-drinking and somewhat directionless fourth son
Hetohetomoheji: The youngest brother, shy and prone to worrying
Their faces and personalities are all different. Choose your favorite.
•Materials: 100% cotton
•Size (approx. cm): 5.7 x 5.7 x 11.4 (case)
[A]: Henohenomoheji
[B]: Hehehehemoheji
[C]: Heiheimoheji
[D]: Heroheromoheji
[E]: Hetohetomoheji
•Comes in case
•Made in Japan
Item No.  W02978

KYO-TO-TO Teru-Teru Bōzu Brothers
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