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Old Wakasa-Nuri Chopsticks,​ Seaside Rain [20.5cm]

JP¥ 20,000   (US$ 189.32)
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In the past the Wakasa region was linked to Kyoto by the Saba Kaido trade route. Seafood was taken from coastal Wakasa to Kyoto, and in exchange the culture and refinement of Kyoto made its way up to Wakasa. Also transported along this road were prized wakasa-nuri lacquerworks. Some used "hōseki-nuri" ("gemstone lacquer") with pieces of shell, pine leaves and seeds. Now the range of designs has been expanded, while still retaining the breath-taking beauty of the past. The craftspeople who work in wakasa-nuri lacquer spend around 18 months applying layer after layer of lacquer; each of these chopsticks is truly of the highest quality.
•Materials: wood,​ lacquer
Chopstick Tips: kanshitsu lacquer
•Size (approx. cm): 20.5
•Made in Japan
•Please Note:
Soon after using,​ wash in cold or warm water and wipe with a dry cloth.
Store out of direct sunlight. Item may warp or change color.
Do not use near an open flame.
Do not use polishing powder or a scourer on this item.
Do not put in dishwasher or dryer,​ or heat in microwave.
Quickly replace if lacquer cracks or is otherwise damaged.
Do not use these chopsticks for any other purpose.
Supervise if children are using.
Some people may develop a rash or other reaction after contact with lacquer.
Item No.  W02996R2

Old Wakasa-Nuri Chopsticks,​ Seaside Rain [20.5cm]
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