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Shell/Mother-of-Pearl Chopsticks,​ Yumemitsuki [21cm]

JP¥ 2,500   (US$ 23.32)
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People have always been entranced by the sparkle of abalone shells. There is a certain romance about shellfish sparkling deep in the sea, and here that romance is given form in mother-of-pearl.
•Materials: rosewood/sandalwood,​ abalone shell
Upper Portion: polyester; Lower Portion: lacquer
•Size (approx. cm): 21
•Made in Japan
•Please Note:
Soon after using,​ wash in cold or warm water and wipe with a dry cloth.
Store out of direct sunlight. Item may warp or change color.
Do not use near an open flame.
Do not use polishing powder or a scourer on this item.
Do not put in dishwasher or dryer,​ or heat in microwave.
Quickly replace if lacquer cracks or is otherwise damaged.
Do not use these chopsticks for any other purpose.
Supervise if children are using.
Some people may develop a rash or other reaction after contact with lacquer.
Item No.  W03026R2

Shell/Mother-of-Pearl Chopsticks,​ Yumemitsuki [21cm]
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