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Bold Maki-e Stickers: Lion,​ Dragon,​ Eagle (Set of 3)

JP¥ 1,430   (US$ 13.63)
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Attention-getting designs! This style of embroidered design is popular on jackets both in and out of Japan, and here those designs are faithfully reproduced.
•Metal Dust: aluminum
•Ink: epoxy resin
•Separator: PET
[Packaging] Transparent Film: PP
•Package Size: 60 x 90mm
•Do not place in a microwave; metal dust may spark.
•As these are transfer stickers,​ the colored portions may peel away.
•More adhesive than a regular sticker. Do not allow children to use unsupervised.
•Production Time: The maki-e (creation of a design with metal dust) is performed by hand in the traditional way and requires a number of stages to complete. Creation of this item takes approx. 1 month.
Item No.  W03287

Bold Maki-e Stickers: Lion,​ Dragon,​ Eagle (Set of 3)
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