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Pure White Short-Hair Brush

JP¥ 5,350   (US$ 42.68)
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Short length type brush made from goat hair with white horse upper-tail hair for added extra resilience. A useful, versatile brush that is recommend for both those who regularly use goat hair brushes and also for comparative newcomers. Suitable for writing 1-2 Kanji characters on Hanshi calligraphy paper and also for writing about 2 lines of regular script, semi-cursive script, cursive script or even clerical script on Hansetsushi paper.
●Brush Diameter (approx.): 12mm
●Brush Length (approx.): 51mm
●Handle (approx.): 209mm,​ Kamon bamboo daruma handle
Total Length (approx.): 260mm
●Brush Main Materials: carefully selected goat hair,​ white horse upper-tail hair
●Upper-tail hair is the hair that grows at the top of the tail near the hindquarters. This hair has tapered ends and good resilience.
●Care Instructions:
After using the brush,​ gently wipe of ink. Re-set the shape of the brush and store out of direct sunlight.
Item No.  W03373R1

Pure White Short-Hair Brush
JP¥ 5,350 US$ 42.68
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