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Tokyo Cabochon Ring - Like A Diamond

JP¥ 19,840   (US$ 158.29)
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This is a cabochon (round polished) ring which was created using the shippo-yaki (cloisonné enameling) technique. The color image was inspired from Tokyo and its landscape. The unique colors of shippo-yaki enamel (clear/translucent/opaque) and the silver surface of the ring are masterfully expressed by the craftsman, Mr. Hatakeyama. Greenzone and Highway employ plique-a-jour enameling. We endeavour to create products that bring in fresh air to traditional Tokyo shippo-yaki enameling.
●Material: SV0950 (Silver),​ Shippo-yaki glass enamel
●Region: Arakawa Ward,​ Tokyo
●Main Color: Pink
●Shippo-yaki Canochon Part: Approx. Height 17mm x Width 24mm
●Weight: Approx. 13g
As this product is made of silver and delicate shippo-yaki glass enamel,​ it may be damaged if dropped or great force is applied.
Keep out of reach of small children to avoid swallowing..
Silver will change color as it reacts with moisture. Wipe with a soft cloth after use before storing in a box.
Actual colors may vary from images displayed on your monitor.
Reflection on enamel and silver will vary depending on surroundings.
Item No.  W03860

Tokyo Cabochon Ring - Like A Diamond
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