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Komon Pocket Handkerchief (Spirals and Turtles - Purple)

JP¥ 5,600   (US$ 44.68)
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Pocket handkerchief with a “Komon” pattern used in samurai clothing in the Edo period. The Komon pattern which is only visible when seen from up close, and the "Iware-komon" pattern with humorous designs are expressed in traditional Japanese colors. The dyeing process is copletely done by hand, starting from the creation of the dye. You can enjoy many variations on your breast pocket by folding the handkerchief in different ways.
●Material: 100% Habutae Silk
●Region: Shinjuku Ward,​ Tokyo
●Color: Purple
●Size : Approx. 330 x 330
●Weight: Approx. 20g
The dye in this product may be uneven due to the hand-engraved Ise pattern paper used for the Komon patterns. You can enjoy the hand-made feel that can be achieved only with hand dyeing.
Handle with care. Iron using press cloth and low heat.
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Item No.  W03868

Komon Pocket Handkerchief (Spirals and Turtles - Purple)
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