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Edo Kiriko Glass Ring (Chrysanthemum)

JP¥ 9,000   (US$ 82.13)
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Ring made of Edo Kiriko cut glass. Glass is the perfect material for enjoying light. Please enjoy in your hand as this ring gathers light to your fingertip. Beautiful visual effects are produced by the delicate overlapping of light using flat cuts and patterns on the surface of the glass created by the craftsman. With this Edo Kiriko ring on your finger, your life will be a little more enjoyable and rich.
Ring: Silver
Kiriko: Glass
●Region: Koto Ward,​ Tokyo
●Color: Transparent
●Product Size
9: 15mm x 19mm x 26mm
11: 15mm x 20mm x 26mm
13: 15mm x 21mm x 26mm
Do not twist the ring while holding the glass part as it may cause the glass and metal to separate.
Item No.  W03872

Edo Kiriko Glass Ring (Chrysanthemum)
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