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Paperweight - moiré (Yarai)

JP¥ 10,000   (US$ 87.12)
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We came up with this unique "moire" in pursuit of a new way to display Kikiro cut glass. A mysterious refraction occurs by cutting the top and bottom of the design in a different pattern. The depth of the cuts can be seen from the side. These effects are created by the diamond pattern cuts and the basic but difficult flat cuts. Highly transparent optical glass is used to infuse the high skills and appeal of Edo Kiriko.
●Material: Optical Glass
●Region: Koto Ward,​ Tokyo
●Color: Transparent
●Size : 32mm cube
●Weight: Approx. 88g
Glass will break if dragged or dropped. Wipe carefully using a soft cloth to clean dust and fingerprints.
Item No.  W03873

Paperweight - moiré (Yarai)
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