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Kumano Fude Makeup Brush Set (4-Brush Set A) - Hiroshima Prefecture

JP¥ 14,800   (US$ 118.08)
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These brushes, together with the Kimono fabric case, won the Bronze Medal in the Essential Japan Category at the Most Attractive Japanese Souvenirs Award Competition 2011, organized by the Japan Tourism Agency.

Kumano Fude: Fude (brush) making in Kumano, adjacent to Hiroshima City, started around 1830 at the end of the Edo period and the tradition has continued for 180 years. Currently, about 80% of Japanese brushes are made in Kumano.

Makeup Brush: Our makeup brushes are individually hand-made by skilled artisans using materials carefully selected from all over the world. Only highly trained and highly skilled workers, who have mastered traditional brush making skills over a long period, can make these brushes. Many people from all over the world have attested that our make-up brushes are of the highest quality. We deliver a genuine artisan-made makeup brush.
●Material: [Face] Highest Quality Wool [Eye Shadow] Pine Squirrel/Sable [Eye Shadow] Blue Squirrel/Weasel [Lip] Kolinsky
●Product of Hiroshima Prefecture
[Approximate Size]
Face/ Hair Length: 50mm,​ Full Length: 135mm
Eye Shadow/ Hair Length: 20mm,​ Full Length: 115mm
Eye Shadow/ Hair Length: 11mm,​ Full Length: 107mm
Lip (Flat Type)/ Brush Tip: Length 9.5mm,​ Full Length: Extended 120mm,​ Retracted 118mm
●Set includes: Face Brush x 1,​ Eye Shadow Brush x 2,​ Lip Brush (Flat Type) x 1,​ Kimono Fabric Pouch x 1
●Made in Japan
Item No.  W03960R1

Kumano Fude Makeup Brush Set (4-Brush Set A) - Hiroshima Prefecture
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