NEW tetu Umbrella Holder Osaka Tekki /Koizumi Makoto

JP¥ 25,000   (US$ 235.69)
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A Nanbu Tekki umbrella holder - Nanbu Tekki is designated as a traditional craft of Japan.
With an impressive simple, slender design.
Nanbu iron is made using a sand mold, and so sand marks that appear on the surface soften the hard appearance of the iron.
Its unique texture feels pleasant to the touch and it will make a useful everyday life item for a long time.
●Material: cast iron ,​ Stainless steel
●Made in Osaka Prefecture,​ Japan
●Brand Name: NEW tetu
●design: Koizumi Makoto
●Size (approx.): W448 x D180 x H932mm
●Weight (approx.): 3.5kg
Item No.  W04021

NEW tetu Umbrella Holder Osaka Tekki /Koizumi Makoto
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