SUVE Face Cleansing Brush

JP¥ 6,500   (US$ 51.86)
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[Features] The brush made using top-grade goat hair called "sokoho" enables you to softly wash the body with gentle pressure on the skin. Creating abundant fine lather, it won't take away moisture from the skin. Your skin becomes more and more beautiful as you use it.
[Effects] While massaging the face with ultra-thin hairs, it will remove old keratin and thoroughly wash out dirt and grime from your pores. It's recommended to use it once a week.
●Materials: highest quality goat hair: PBT: walnut
●Total Length: 73mm
●Wool length: 30mm
●Thickness: W35 x D44mm
●Please note
Natural goat hairs and artificial hairs are mixed to make this product. The goat hairs will become worn sooner than artificial hairs and its feeling on the skin changes as you use it. If you recognize the change,​ please refrain from using it on the face,​ and use it on less delicate areas such as the knees and heels.
●Be sure to understand this is an expendable object before buying.
●It's recommended to use it once a week.
1. Lathering: Wet the hairs,​ apply suitable amount of soap or facial cleanser,​ and create a lather by whirling the brush on your palm.
2. Face Washing: Gently wash the face as if you're massaging it using the brush and lather.
It thoroughly washes out grime,​ keratin,​ etc and it's recommended to use it once a week. If you have sensitive skin,​ wash the face only with lather created by the brush.
3. Brush Washing & Storing: After washing,​ please wash lather away with water and keep in an airy place.
Item No.  W04944R1

SUVE Face Cleansing Brush
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