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[Bell] Ringorin

JP¥ 12,000   (US$ 95.74)
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With their round shape, vivaciousness, sweet, and soothing sounds, it's like having a babbling mountain brook in your room. Its chimes ring out like tributes to Japan's distinct seasons: springtime's murmuring springs; summer's ocean side sounds; fall's insects chirping in the bushes; and winter's open fire crackling. Similar to various sounds in nature, Kunori bell sounds vary slightly from one to another in timbre. .If you listen closely you can hear bright, light sounds; small restrained sounds; gentle, soothing sounds; laughter-evoking cute, funny sounds. It is almost like sommelier wine tasting. There is sure to be a particular sound that will grow on you and your family and that you will get attached to. Let the Kunori bell work its magic for you at home or at work.
[Materials ] Bell: copper alloy,​ pendulum: hematite (natural stone),​ Frame: Aluminum
●Size (approx.): 80 x 50 x 75mm
●Weight (item only): approx. 150g
●Weight (wrapping material incl.): approx. 200g
●Made in: Toyama Prefecture Takaoka City
●Brand Name: Kunori Bell Yuurin series
[Handle with care]
*Designed to emit gentle sounds,​ avoid aggressively shaking.
*Refrain from dismantling or remodeling.
*Refrain from putting pressure on the pendulum.
*Don't let dirt accumulate: use a soft cloth without any polishing agent
* Item will be manufactured after order placement should it be out of stock. Therefore,​​ depending on the item,​​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W05725

[Bell] Ringorin
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