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Kuretake Fountain Pen Yumeginga,​ Deer Horn

JP¥ 50,000   (US$ 456.79)
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The legend of Kasuga Taisha shrine has it that Takumi Kadzuchi rode on the back of a white deer when he moved from Kashima Jingu shrine in Ibaraki to Nara in order to protect the Heijo Palace, at the time of the Emperor Shotoku.
Since then, deers have been rigorously protected in Nara as a messenger of God.
"Deers in Nara" were designated as a protected species in 1957. As a company based in Nara, the manufacturer hoped to offer products that honored Nara, and decided to use the horn of deers to make the fountain pen handle.
You can enjoy comfortable smooth writing sensation of a gold nib produced by Bock, a German manufacturer.
Converter type. Medium-thick character. Ink not included.
[Materials] Fountain pen cap: acrylic,​ Handle: Deer horn,​ Clip: Steel
●Size (approx.):
Case size: 230mm x 36mm x 95mm
Product size: Diameter 16mm x 140mm
●Weight  (Product only): approx. 25g
●Weight  (Packaging materials incl.): approx. 199g
●Area of production: Nara Prefecture
●Brand Name: Kuretake
*The fountain pen will feel comfortable and fit naturally into the hand with continuous use.
*In addition,​ the best form of maintenance for the fountain pen is to write on a daily basis.
*Since the pen uses natural materials,​ dryness and cracks may appear if left under light for a long time.
*It is especially weak in the dryness of winter. Apply natural oil such as olive oil or camellia oil and wipe gently with a cloth once a year. Store in a place that is well ventilated with low temperature and humidity. 
Please note,​ the instructions are in Japanese only.[Other]
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Kuretake Fountain Pen Yumeginga,​ Deer Horn
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