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Hironori Umemura Oribe Large Flat Sake Cup

JP¥ 2,500   (US$ 19.95)
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This item is from one of the 6 major kilns in Japan, Oribeyaki, and is distinct in its bold form.
Slightly large ware that can be used not only as a sake cup but as a small bowl.
●Materials: Ceramic
●Manufacturing area: Aichi Prefecture,​ Seto City
●Brand Name: Setoyaki
●Size: Diameter 8.4 x 3.4cm
●Weight (Item only) [G]: 60
●Weight (Packaging material incl.) [G]: 90
●Handling Instruction: Before use,​ thoroughly immerse in hot or room temperature water or boil in the water used to wash rice. This will avoid the item from staining. Also when serving,​ immerse item in water before use. This will prevent the oil or sauce from staining the surface.
*Each item is made by hand and the color and shape may differ slightly from that of the photo.
*Depending on the item,​ the production may take place after an order is made. This may cause delay in the delivery. Please contact customer service for more information.
Item No.  W06317

Hironori Umemura Oribe Large Flat Sake Cup
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