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Black Persimmon Fountain Pen

JP¥ 20,000   (US$ 159.57)
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Made from a several-hundred-year-old tree!
Thin slices of a tree and cowhide are sewn together to make BOIS series items. Thanks to the manufacturer's special technique, the wood is sewn without cracking.
Please enjoy its uniquely graceful texture of natural wood grain which cannot be found in other items. A proud item created by a manufacturer which has been engaged in wooden item production for a very long time.
Each item is handmade by a craftsman who consider customers' opinions as the most valuable.
Various items such as a bag, wallet, fountain pen, USB flash drive, card case, etc are available in the series. Please make good use of them.

Black persimmon has been highly treasured in Japan for 1300 years (multiple articles stored in the prestigious Shosoin treasury are made of black persimmon).
In the old days, the wood was so valuable that it was beloved only among influential figures and the wealthy class, and ordinary people would not have been able to even see it.
Only one in tens of thousands of persimmon trees that are several hundreds years old and meet several conditions (ingredients in the soil, microorganisms, climate, etc) develops the characteristic beautiful black and white pattern of black persimmon. The material is thus miraculously created, and craftsmen make the most of their mastery to create items using the beautiful wood. Its white and black pattern boasts such mysterious beauty that you cannot believe it is wood.
●Material: black persimmon
●Made in Kanazawa,​ Ishikawa
●Brand Name: BOIS
●Size (approx. mm): Thickness (Max.) 12 x Height 137
●Weight (Item only) [g]: 35
●Weight (Packing materials incl.) [g]: 73
●Please Note:
*When taking care of it,​ lightly wipe with a dry cloth.
*If it becomes wet with rain,​ etc,​ wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth. When it dries,​ no stain will appear. (If it becomes wet with usual rain,​ please wipe as soon as possible.)
●Please also note:
*Made of natural wood,​ the wood grain appears differently depending on the item.
*Made of natural wood,​ so it becomes more and more durable and flexible as you use it. Please treasure it for a long time.
*The wood portion is inspected for its durability against friction at the Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa. (It passed examinations of being rubbed by wet and dry clothes more than 100 times with 200g of pressure applied.)
*Item will be manufactured after order placement should it be out of stock. Therefore,​​​ depending on the item,​​​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W07512

Black Persimmon Fountain Pen
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