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Glass Stirrer,​ Medium,​ 3-Color B Set (Case)

JP¥ 5,400   (US$ 51.37)
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Made in Fukui, a region famous for its high-quality glasses production, this clip-attachable stirrer is made with durable, flexible titanium alloy.
A decorative 3-color set of glass stirrers that you can attach to the edge of your glass, allowing for quick and easy drink stirring whenever you want it.
This medium size (suitable for glasses 85mm or more in height) set comes in three colors including orange, purple, and green.
●Materials: Titanium alloy
●Size (approx.): Total Length 180mm,​ Total Width 130mm,​ Height 50mm
●Weight (product only): approx. 60g
●Weight (incl. packaging): approx. 120g
●Made in Fukui City,​ Fukui
●Brand Name: PICKLIP
[Please Note]
*If the clip opening portion has widened,​ the width can be easily reset by pressing the lower portion of the handle against the upper part of the handle. The opening width being slightly smaller than the thickness of the glass being used will result in the easiest use.
*The angle of the stirring portion can be bent to accommodate the depth of the glass by a range of about +/- 10mm. May cause damage to frosted glass,​ ceramics,​ and decorated vessels during use; please take appropriate care when using.
●Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W07599

Glass Stirrer,​ Medium,​ 3-Color B Set (Case)
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