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Amber Rocks Glass Pair Set

JP¥ 10,000   (US$ 93.05)
Special Shipping Cost:  Asia: JP¥ 910   North America/Oceania: JP¥ 1,270
Europe: JP¥ 1,400   Africa/South America: JP¥ 1,710
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This pair of rocks glasses is a popular gift set. The warm, peaceful appeal of the amber coloring beautifully complements the shimmer of the cut design. Enjoy your relaxation time to the fullest with the alluring, relaxing color of this piece.
Also includes a decorative box that makes it a great gift for families or couples that are close friends.

This item is handmade.
Made with semi-lead crystal glass that boasts the robustness and lightness of soda lime glass combined with shine and clarity that make it a great choice for business or home luxury tableware.
●Materials: Crystal glass (silicate,​ potassium carbonate,​ lead oxide)
●Made in Yachiyo City,​ Chiba
●Brand Name: Amber
●Volume: 250ml
●Weight (product only)[g]: 510
●Weight (incl. packaging)[g]: 710
●Please Note:
・When using for the first time,​ please wash. The exterior is not sealed,​ so please wash with a pH neutral dish detergent before using.
・Please clean glass items with pH-neutral dish detergent. In order to prevent the risk of damage to the glass,​ please do not use abrasive sponges,​ metal brushes,​ or abrasive cleansers,​ as they may cause damage. (Glass-safe cleansers are also available. Please confirm the ingredients and information on the label before use.)
・Please be careful when washing the inside of the glass. Using too much force may cause the glass to break from the inside and cause injury. A textured sponge is recommended.
・Do not put in dishwasher.
・Glass is not reinforced; please take care when handling.
・Glass is not heat-resistant. Glass may break when exposed to sudden,​ extreme changes in temperature (especially sudden cold). Please do not pour cold liquids into a hot glass or store in a wet area.
・Do not microwave.
・Please do not put knives,​ spoons,​ etc. inside the glass or use it as a holder for flatware. This may cause the glass to become damaged or break.
・Glass items risk breaking when damaged. Please be careful not to hit them against other glass products or hard items.
・Stacking glasses can cause them to crack or get stuck together. Please avoid stacking unless it is specifically designed to allow it.
●Other information:
・Each item is handmade one at a time; shape,​ dimensions,​ volume,​ coloring or color blending of actual item may differ slightly.
・Please wash before using for the first time.
・If an item is out of stock,​ it will be made upon receipt of the order. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer support for questions regarding delivery.
Item No.  W08451

Amber Rocks Glass Pair Set
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