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[Paper Craft] Tyrannosaurus,​ Déformer Series (Large)

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A collaboration between a proud Fukui Prefecture traditional craft, "Echizen washi", and "Fukui Dinosaur Kingdom" from an area that excavates the most dinosaur fossils in Japan.
From this collaboration, "Washinosaurs" dinosaur paper craft items made using Echizen washi paper were born!
Paper craft designers and Fukui Prefecture paper professionals such as washi craftsmen were gathered together to create these items. Real dinosaur skin and texture are created using elaborate designs, digital modeling and Echizen washi paper.
A new paper craft with a beautiful design, shape and texture. With its gentle feel, both parents and child can enjoy this.

A Déformer Series (7 kinds, 10-18 parts) Tyrannosaurus in a large size.
The Tyrannosaurus is a genus of carnivorous dinosaur that inhabited the North American continent during the end of the Late Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic Era. It is a genus of large theropod dinosaur. From skeletal remains, it is estimated that the length of an adult was approx. 11-13 meters, the skull length 1.5 meters and the weight around 5-6 tonnes.

[Echizen washi paper]
There are several washi production area throughout Japan, However, this one has a very long history of 1,500 years and is the only one that has an enshrined paper goddess - Kawakami Gozen.
Now, they produce various kinds of washi paper, such as traditional Echizen high-quality paper, torinokogami paper, Japanese drawing paper, sliding door paper, Japanese vellum, decorative art paper, etc.
Also, thanks to its robustness, good printability and watermark technology, Echizen washi paper was used for the first banknotes in Japan.
●Materials: Echizen washi paper x 1,​ petroleum hydrocarbon,​ high-quality alcohol,​ fatty acid ester,​ pigment,​ polymer dispersant,​ other additives,​ assembly instruction manual x 1,​ inner paper x 1
●Made in Echizen,​ Fukui Prefecture
●Brand Name: Washinosaurs
●Size Details: Length 630 x Height 210 x Width 230mm
●Weight (including packaging materials): 250g
*Do not use tools that will damage the paper such as scissors,​ toothpicks etc.
*Be careful that small children do not cut their hands on the washi paper,​ paper pieces,​ etc.
*Be careful that small children do not put the washi paper in their mouth.
*Use a wood glue (quick-drying) as an adhesive.
*Apply adhesive thinly so that it is not conspicuous.
*The replication,​ modification,​ redistribution etc. of this paper craft is prohibited.
*Please kindly understand that the usage instructions & instruction manual are aimed toward the Japanese market.
*Please kindly understand that the assembly instruction manual is for the Japanese market.
[How to make it smartly]
After broadly cutting our the parts,​ cut the fine areas for a smart look.
For the creases,​ hold a ruler against the paper and,​ using a pointed object such as a pen that has run out of ink etc,​ you can neatly fold the creases.
For the curved surfaces,​ create roundness by using the corner of a desk etc. Apply glue thinly so that it is not conspicuous.
[Required items]
Scissors,​ adhesive,​ toothpicks
[How to view the assembly instruction manual]
Surface (side with the picture on),​ the back,​ the margin (where glue is applied),​ mountain fold line (fold so that the the picture is on the outer side and visible),​ valley fold line (fold so that the picture is on the inner side and not visible),​ create roundness (curving).
[Assembly Procedure]
1.Stick part-1,​ part-2 & part-3 in margin numerical order. Bond assembled part-1 & part-2 together and then affix to part-3. (Margin A-1 to A12 and B-1 to B-5 and C-1 to C-9 and D-1 to D-6)
2.Assemble the torso (part-4) and front legs (part-5 and part-6). Affix in margin numerical order. (Margin E-1 to E10 and F-1 to F-2 and G-1 to G-2)
3.Stick the body (part-4) to the neck (part-2). Stick the front legs (part-5 and part-6) to the body. (Margin E11 to E18 and F-3 to F-4 and G-3 to G-4)
4.Assemble the waist (part-7) and back legs (part-8 to part-11). Affix in margin numerical order. (Margin H-1 to H-9 and i-1 to i-2 and J-1 and K-1 to K-2 and L-1)
5.Assemble the back leg toes (part-12 to part-17). Assemble the back legs (part-8 to part-17). Stick the back legs to the waist. (Margin M-1 to M-3 and N-1 to N-3 and O-1 to O-3 and P-1 to P-3 and Q-1 to Q-3 and R-1 to R-3 and S-1 to S10 and T-1 to T10 and U-1 to U-6 and V-1 to V-6)
6.Stick the body (part-4) and waist (part-7) together. Assemble the tail (part-18),​ affix to the waist and it is complete. (Margin W-1 to W-8 and X-1 to X-12)
*Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
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