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Animal Domino

JP¥ 12,800   (US$ 116.81)
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[A Rin crossing certified item]

Made using solid Yoshino Japanese cypress, with its beautiful grain and fragrant aroma. With a colorful and cute animal design, you can have fun stacking the interestingly shaped pieces. Also, the numbers 1-7 are printed on the pieces, allowing you to enjoy playing these in various ways, such as playing trumps & games, using as dominos, etc.
These versatile dominos are an original wooden item that can be used as an educational toy to enhance creativity. You can feel Japan with your 5 senses - enjoy looking at the wood grain, smelling the wood aroma and the touch of it. Please enjoy this wooden toy a variety of ways.
●Material: Japanese cypress (Main Item): Japanese cypress,​ basswood veneer (Case)
Processing: unpainted,​ printed with ink for toys
●Size (approx.): 27 x 25.5 x 3.7cm
●Weight (item only): approx. 700g
●Made in Yoshino,​ Nara Prefecture
●Brand Name: PaPaKo YOSHINO
[Handling Precautions]
*Suitable Age: for 1 year and over
*For safety,​ do not use broken or misshapen toys. This can cause injury.
*Due to characteristics of the wood,​ avoid extreme humidity and dryness. Also,​ as there is a chance of it catching fire,​ do not place it near the heat of a fire.
*The surface has been finished. However,​ there may be slight protrusions on the corners of the wood caused when the wood is cut or carved. If this is the case,​ pull them off with your hand or smoothen with sandpaper etc before use.
*When using for a long time,​ in rare occasions it may become finely split etc. In this case,​ smooth the surface with sandpaper etc before using.
*This item is coated so is safe even if it is placed in the mouth. However,​ disinfecting with hot water,​ chemicals etc. will cause the coating to dissolve so do not do so.
*As there is a risk of unexpected accidents,​ use under a guardian's supervision.
*This is not a food. Definitely do not put in mouth. There is a risk of suffocation.
*There is a possibility that fine wood fibers may come out from the item. Be careful not to cut your fingers etc.
*The wood grain is not always the same.
*Color will deteriorate over time. (It will become darker as days pass.)
●How to play with item
Can be used for playing trumps,​ dominos etc
[Original Game (Battle Game)]
A 2 person board game where the aim is to take the pieces of your opponent.
1. First of all,​ turn all pieces upside-down and take 7 pieces each without looking at the surface. Each person then places the pieces in front of them on the board in a line (arrange so that the head is facing your opponent).
2. Pieces can be advanced,​ one by one,​ in all directions - forward/back,​ sideways and diagonally. The winner of "rock-paper-scissors" advances their piece first.
3. Battle commences by covering your opponent's piece with your own piece. For the battle,​ each piece is turned upward upon "ready,​ set,​ go!”
4. Regardless of pattern,​ the bigger number is the winner. The winner removes their opponent's piece from the board and keeps it. The winning piece is then placed upward and left in its place.
5. Hearts only lose to number 1. They beat all other numbers. The same number results in a draw. In this case,​ take each other's piece from the board and keep for yourself.
6. As the number of pieces facing upward increases,​ you have to consider when to avoid a fight or take one on. As the game progresses,​ when one of the combatants has no pieces left on the board,​ the game is over.
Upturned pieces are plus 1 point. Pieces left on the board that are still facing down are minus 1 point. (For example,​ if you have 1 piece facing upward and 2 facing down,​ your score is minus 1.)
*If there is no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed.
Item No.  W08686

Animal Domino
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