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Lunch Band (w/Grip),​ Black

JP¥ 250   (US$ 1.99)
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An item for the purpose of stopping your lunch box lid coming off without you wanting it. Use your favorite lunch band with your favorite lunch box and enjoy a look that is all your own!
With a non-slip band that allows you to carry your lunch box around with peace of mind. Perfect for using on slippery-shaped items such as round lunch boxes.
●Materials: rubber band (grip Finish )
●Size Details (approx.): 320 x Width 15mm
●Weight (item only): approx. 5g
●Weight (incl. packaging materials): approx. 6g
●Made in Yamanaka,​ Ishikawa Prefecture
●Brand Name:: HAKOYA
●Handling Precautions: Do not pull or push forcefully as it may become turn.
*The color and design of the actual item may differ slightly.
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Item No.  W10630

Lunch Band (w/Grip),​ Black
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