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Candle Holder Maple Pattern

JP¥ 5,200   (US$ 41.49)
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A candle holder adorned with painted decorations styled in the same way as kokeshi dolls.
A maple pattern typical of traditional kokeshi dolls is layered in a richly expressive manner. This item makes for a delightful interior piece that adds character to your living space.
●Materials: [Materials] mono maple,​ [Decoration] dyes
●Size (approx. cm): Height 7,​ Diameter 7 (Base Portion 7),​ [Candle Portion] Height 1.8,​ Diameter 4.3
●Weight (product only) [g]: 140
●Weight (incl. packaging) [g]: 150
●Made in Naruko Onsen,​ Miyagi Prefecture
●Brand Name: NARUKO Sakurai Kokeshi Shop
●Handling Notes:
*This product is easily damaged by water,​ so do not handle with wet hands.
*Handle and store this product away from direct sunlight,​ exposure to air conditioning equipment,​ and places high in humidity or subject to rapid changes in temperature.
*Do not expose to hard impacts.
*As this product is a craft item,​ please take care when handling it.
*Colors are liable to fade if left somewhere with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
*Please also note that as this item uses natural wood and pigments,​ colors may change over time.
*Do not use this product for any purpose other than its intended use.
●Other Notes:
*As each item is hand-made,​ please understand that the actual product may differ in color patterning and shape from that depicted in photos. (Each item is completely unique for every customer.)
*Each item is made to order. Please allow two to three months for product to be dispatched.
*Depending on the item,​ the delivery time may be delayed. For details on delivery period,​ please contact customer support.
Item No.  W10674

Candle Holder Maple Pattern
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