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Print Inko Daruma / Incense

JP¥ 1,000   (US$ 8.71)
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Incense with a cute printed picture. You can enjoy the aroma as it is or by burning it. Please read the instructions before using.
A country of hospitality, Japan. It has a lot of good things such as a great tradition, history, and refined buildings.
This pretty incense is made based on the theme of Japan. Perfect as an interior decoration for your room, as an aroma for relaxing, etc.
●[Aroma] Japanese-like aroma
●Contents: 1 kind x 7 pieces
●Incense Size: round: approx. 2cm
●Amount of Smoke: medium
●Burning Time: approx. 7 minutes
●Weight: 20g
■Please Note (read before use)
*Use on the ash of the incense burner or with the included incense mat.
*If you burn incense on the incense mat,​ please place the mat on a nonflammable plate.
*When you get rid of the ash after use,​ be see to check that the fire has completely gone out.
*Do not use for any purpose other than its intended one.
Item No.  W10692

Print Inko Daruma / Incense
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