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Toren Handkerchief,​ Bush Warbler

JP¥ 1,500   (US$ 11.97)
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Toren handkerchief crafted in a traditional Kaga yuzen craft studio made of cotton material with a special wrinkle finish which can only be applied to synthetic fiber materials. It can be washed easily in the washing machine and doesn't require ironing. A highly absorbent natural cotton material that is hand-dyed. Unlike conventional handkerchiefs, you can just put it in your pocket without folding or tying it as there is no need to worry about wrinkling.

By hanging this on the outside of your bag with the holder, there's no need to look for it when you want to use it and you don't have to put a wet handkerchief back in your bag. In a handy size perfect for putting on your lap to prevent your clothes from getting dirty when eating out. Also, if you casually tie it using the special holder, you can use it as a bag charm as well.
Available in 12 traditional Japanese colors. Choose depending on the occasion or your clothing such as a kimono. The plain colors will be a nice accent to your outfit. Comes in a box that makes this great for a gift.

A smart, fashionable handkerchief recommended for sophisticated women. Enjoy matching with your outfit. It will look fashionable when peeking out from your bag!
Great for casual occasions as well. You can also use it to add an accent to a men's suit.
●Materials: 100% cotton
●Size (approx. cm): 35 x 35
●Weight (item only) [g]: 35
●Weight (incl. packaging material) [g]: 40
●Made in Kanazawa,​ Ishikawa Prefecture
●Brand Name: Kaga Yuzen
●Please Note:
*Wash separately from other items as colors may bleed.
*Do not use iron. If wrinkles start to fade,​ expose it to steam.
*Do not use bleach.
*Do not leave for a long time.
*When drying,​ hang so that the wrinkles are vertical. *Wrinkle finish is not semi-permanent.
*Can be washed in the washing machine. Use a net when washing.
*Can be dried in the tumbler-dryer.

[How to use toren handkerchief & how to tie with handkerchief holder]
●Flower Shape
1.Fix in the holder a quarter of the way along.
2.Turn the short side so that it is behind the long side.
3.Push the turned over center through the ring.
4.Shape into a flower.
●Bow Shape
1.Fix in the center of the holder.
2.Turn a single side so that it is behind.
3.Tie a half knot.
4.Shape both edges.
*As these items are hand-made one by one,​ the size,​ color,​ and design may vary slightly from that shown in the photos.
*Should there be no stock,​ manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​​ delivery may be delayed. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W10732

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