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Minoyaki Yurari Cold Sake Server,​ Yohen 1-Go

JP¥ 3,000   (US$ 27.38)
Special Shipping Cost:  Asia: JP¥ 700   North America/Oceania: JP¥ 1,000
Europe: JP¥ 1,100   Africa/South America: JP¥ 1,200
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A new popular idea item that rides the crest of the recent sake boom! A great item that always keeps your sake cool thanks to allowing cool air to fall to the bottom by twirling ice around. Comes with instructions and a sake cup.

Pottery produced in the Tono area, Gifu Prefecture. The area has a lot of high-quality clay so pottery has long been produced since the Heian era. It was in the Momoyama era that it flourished because of the tea ceremony typified by Shino and Oribe. Since then, it has been a famous pottery production place which produces more than 50% of the gross domestic product.
●Materials: ceramic
●Size details (approx.): Sake Bottle 12 x 9 x Height 11cm (180ml),​ Ice Bucket Diameter 7.5 x Height 4.5cm,​ Sake Cup Diameter 6 x Height 4cm
●Weight (Item only): approx. 320g
●Weight (including packaging material): approx. 350g
●Made in Toki,​ Gifu Prefecture
●Brand Name: Minoyaki
[Handling Precautions]
*Do not use on an open flame.
*Do not use in an oven.
*When using this in the microwave,​ sudden temperature change may cause breakage. Avoid cooling/heating suddenly.
*Do not subject to strong impacts. This may cause damage or injury.
*Do not drag on a tabletop etc. This may cause scratching. Please handle with care.
*Before use,​ thoroughly immerse in hot or room temperature water or boil in the water used to wash rice. This will stop the item from becoming stained easily. Also when serving,​ immerse item in water before use. This will prevent the oil or sauce from staining the surface.
*After using,​ rinse in clean water and allow to dry before storing in order to prevent mold and stains.
*When soaked in water,​ item may change color or fissures may appear. This is a characteristic of the glaze,​ and there is not a problem with the materials.
*To keep item beautiful for a long time,​ washing by hand is recommended.
*When hand washing,​ use a synthetic kitchen detergent and soft sponge or cloth.
*Metal scourers,​ sponges with polishing agents,​ cleansers etc have adverse effects on the item surface so do not use them.
*Please take extra care when washing,​ particularly on areas such as the outside and bottom rim,​ where fingerprints show up easily.
*Cracked or chipped items may injure the hand or mouth so do not use them.
*Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
*Please kindly understand that the instructions etc are aimed toward the Japanese market.
*Please kindly understand that the instructions are in Japanese.
*Do not use in a microwave.
*Can be washed in the dishwasher.
*Should there be no stock,​​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​​ delivery may be delayed. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W11405

Minoyaki Yurari Cold Sake Server,​ Yohen 1-Go
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