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kaico Filter for Oil Pot,​ 2P

JP¥ 1,500   (US$ 13.69)
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kaico - beautiful enameled ware created by Makoto Koizumi, a designer with a reputation for carefully crafting items who is involved in the design of all kinds of items related to daily life from chopsticks to architecture, and artisans who possess Japanese techniques.
Enamel is processed, shaped iron that is fired with a glass textured glaze. This creates a nostalgic appearance and beautiful translucent surface. kaico, with its easy-to-use forms and combination of perfect materials, uses iron that is made in Tokyo and enameling made in Mie - the spirit of Japan lies within.

[Features of kaico]
1. Acid resistant: The enameled surface is inorganic glass and so is resistant to both acid and alkali, also making it perfect for storing food in.
2. Non-adsorbing: Enamel does not cause chemical changes due to food and moisture and so no metallic taste is transferred. Odors don't adhere easily and it brings out the original taste of foods.
3. Durable: As it is coated with hard glass, the material is resistant against discoloration and friction.
4. Clean: The surface is hard and smooth, so it doesn't get dirty or scratched easily and is easy to care for. It will keep its cleanliness for a long time.
5. Insulating: As the enamel layer has low thermal conductivity, it doesn't allow heat to escape and has superb insulation.

A high-performance filter that uses activated charcoal, adsorbing dirt and odors while providing quick filtration. It can also economically be repeatedly used.
●Materials: wood-based activated carbon,​ non-woven cloth
●Size (approx.): Measurements: 90 x 90 x 30mm
●Weight (item only): approx. 40g
●Weight (including packaging material): approx. 100g
●Made in Tokyo Prefecture & Mie Prefecture
●Brand Name: kaico
[Handling Precautions]
*The filter is for the kaico oil pot so do not use on other cookware.
*Before using for the first time, be sure to wash well with a soft sponge and kitchen detergent.
*Proper care has been taken over the materials. However, should there be a defect, please contact us before using.
*Do not use for any purpose other than its intended one.
[How to use activated carbon filter properly] *Be sure to read this.
*Do not open bag until just before use.
*Do not wash the filter wash.
*The filter will change due to the dirtiness of the oil. Exchange every 10-15 times. (It will not filter properly due to decreased filtration performance.)
*When first setting the activated carbon filter on the oil pot, fine particles of activated carbon will drop into the oil pot together with the filtered oil, and so the oil may become black.  In this case, filter oil one more time.
*You cannot filter old oil (blackened, bad smelling oil)
*When using, filter when oil temperature is under 150°C. Also,​ if the oil temperature is too low,​ it may take time to filter. Suitable filtering temperature: 120°C - 150°C
*Do not filter at more than 180°C. The filter will contract and fall.
*If the filtering temperature is too low,​ it will take a long time.
*If you filter 10-15 minutes after cooking,​ filtration will be smooth.
*Filter oil every time you use it.
*After filtering,​ quickly remove bits of batter etc from the net. They may cause mold.
*If you leave a filter that you have used at least once unused for 2-3 months,​ the oil in the filter may have deteriorated. Also,​ it may have absorbed moisture and oil may spit,​ so replace with a new filter.
*When using a filter for the first time,​ the filter will absorb oil and so the oil amount will decrease a little.
*Used filters can be disposed of as burnable garbage. Also,​ throw away the filter after its temperature has reduced to less than 40°C. This is approx. more than 1 day after oil has passed through it.
*Do not filter palm oil or lard oil. This will cause blockage.
*Be sure to hold onto the instruction manual.
*The instruction manual is for the Japanese market.
*The instruction manual is in Japanese.
[Before using]
*Check for defects,​ such as if the handle and knob wobble,​ there are cracks etc,​ before use.
*Before using for the first time,​ be sure to wash well with a soft sponge and kitchen detergent.
*Black color on the edge surface of the enamel,​ holes at the base of the handle and hanging marks on the inner side of the edge curl may occur during the enameling process. However,​ this is enamel coated and not defective.
*Proper care has been taken over the materials. However,​ should there be a defect,​ please contact us before using.
[Usage Precautions]
*Do not allow children in the vicinity when cooking.
*Do not use if the handle mounting or screw is loose. Also,​ do not use if the handle or know is burnt,​ cracked or deformed.
*Over-tightening of the lid knob will cause breakage.
*Enameling is vitreous. Strong impacts may cause breakage so handle with care.
*During or immediately after cooking,​ the handle and know will be hot,​ so use a mitten.
*When using on a stove,​ be sure to place it in the middle of the gas burner and use medium heat or lower so that the flame doesn't extend further than the base. If you cannot place it on a gas stove trivet,​ place a mochiami net etc,​ check it is secure and then use.
*When using next to other cookware etc.,​ adjust spout and handle direction so that they are not in contact with the heat from a nearby flame or grill exhaust port.
*Never heat when empty. Should you accidentally heat when empty allow to cool naturally. Do not suddenly cool with water.
*Do not put on a stove heater. This may cause an accident,​ breakage or degradation.
*Do not use on a large industrial cooking stove.
*Do not put in the microwave.
*Do not put items that haven't been heat processed and items with wooden parts in an oven.
*Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​​ delivery may be delayed. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
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